Got Purpose?

A story of transformation, business, and the need to make a real difference in the world of the 21st century. This book is a practical guide to align business with humanity.

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Social Enterprise

A revenue generating entity with the leading purpose of solving big problems of our world.

Got Purpose?

Finally, a book that provides a practical guide on how to align your business with humanity. I will be guiding you through your journey by first using my journey as an example. Then help you understand what the semi-overused word “purpose” is defined by me and what yours should mean to you. Thus the finale will make the case of how do-good businesses are the key in aligning your purpose with a business that works with humanity.


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Chapter 1, Journey to Purpose will take you, the reader, on an adventure through the possibilities of what it looks like to align your individual purpose with a business or career.

Danielle Norris

I am a change agent with a calling to help impact leaders innovate and transform. My purpose in life is to inspire courage in others so that everyone knows that their unique gift is important in changing the world for the better. My company, SOVENCO, works closely with business owners, small business, social enterprise, midmarket and large corporate scenarios, offering additional support in business development, strategic planning, leadership, and change management. SOVENCO has successfully launched a unique framework to conquer the problem of limited scalability and direct impact of “do-good” companies.

I hold a Master’s Degree (MBA) in Entrepreneurship from Northeastern University and a diverse academic and professional background.​ I enjoy spending time with my family, running, cycling, writing, and reading. My personal mission is to stay passionate and live each day like it is the last.


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